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Strategic use of Social Media Ads, Hyper-Local SEO and Lead Generation on mobile Directory to promote Local Small Businesses and Organizations in the Villages and Hamlets in the Town of Babylon, NY

BABYLON, New York – After mastering how to bring you all the Local Events in the Town of Babylon area, ILoveBabylon.com is now focusing on increasing the visibility of Local Small Businesses and Organizations.

The startup’s principal, Ryan Williams, a Local Social Media Marketing Technologist, was a founder of the North Babylon Chamber and has been working alongside community leaders in the local Chambers of Commerce and other Community Organizations in the Town of Babylon for years.

“Every small business owner you meet will tell you they know they need to be more visible online but they can’t always afford the time or cost to keep up with it. Many of them don’t have an active social media presence, or in many cases, a correctly configured website,” Williams explains. “Meanwhile, multi-billion dollar online giants, like Amazon, and chain stores like Walmart are competing with our small businesses online and on mobile at the local level, and winning. And while small businesses pay the lion’s share of our local taxes and give back much more to our communities, chains and online giants take advantage of huge tax breaks. So the playing field isn’t even.”

“Social media, local search and mobile eCommerce have changed the business landscape forever. So we have to change our approach too. In order to thrive, our community has to support Local Independent Businesses with the understanding they truly are the backbone of our national and local economy.”

According to Forbes and the Small Business Administration, Small Businesses drive innovation, maintain variety and create local jobs at a higher rate than any big box chain stores or online mega-monopolies. There are approximately 29.6 million Small Businesses in the United States, comprising over 99 per cent of all companies.

Citing figures from 2017’s Black Friday, Williams says mobile is key. “And while as consumers we need to support local, our small businesses have to make themselves more accessible and more convenient for their customers. Everybody can now search and shop for everything from their phones, so they now need to be there too.” 

Unlike traditional directories that rely on SEO alone, the I Love Babylon Directory uses custom Social Media Advertising to drive local traffic to both individual businesses and business categories. Leveraging the collective ad buying power of its members, it sends customers towards its listed businesses. The directory’s hyper-local focus on the Villages and Hamlets of the Town makes its listings more relevant to nearby mobile and mobile searches. The website already receives thousands of local visitors because of its Local Events listings.

For a low monthly or annual charge a local business or organization will get a social media ad, increase their local search ranking and even collect leads on their listing. Many additional features will be rolled out in upcoming months, including the ability to post sales, coupons, classifieds and promote events.

The directory will be a convenient hub for Local Residents to find and take advantage of the best goods and services around the Town, and support their neighbors and friends in business.

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