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    July 16, 2024

    I was on the way home with my dog that had just gotten surgery just hours previous. I can’t believe how bad of a driver the person in the car was. The driver swerved across two lanes way past the speed limit and nearly hit me as well as two other cars nearby. That’s not all. This recklessly speeding driver did the same thing just a few minutes later, nearly hitting me yet again! We were on the same road till he switched into a lane that takes him to the left. He rolled his window down and started cursing at me even though he is the one at fault for creating an extremely unsafe environment for everyone around him. Keep your problems off the road please. This driver nearly hit me not once, but twice within 10 minutes. I hope whoever sees this review can do something about this reckless driver as he should NOT be on the road.

    Christine Vandewater
    February 27, 2024

    My son attempted to repair a leaky faucet in my tub. After taking it apart the cartridge was broken. Called L&J to finish the job. They came the next day, spent 5 minutes and said they needed a part. They asked for and received a $50 deposit. I called after a few days but was told they would get back to me. Almost a week later they called to tell me that they had to order the part. It would take another 3 to 5 days and would cost $129. I agreed but I had the cartridge in my hand and it was this little piece of plastic. He assured me this is what they pay for it. I brought it down to a plumbing supply and they didn’t have it but he told me where to go. When I told him what I was quoted for the part he asked the name of the plumber. I said L&J. He rolled his eyes and said he always hears how they rip people off. I went and got the part at another distributor for $9. That’s right! Nine dollars!!! As L& J had my deposit, (my first mistake) I had them come back to install the cartridge. Two guys showed up and it took 10 minutes. They then got the office on the phone and they wanted $150 when I was quoted $100. They said the extra $50 was for the first visit. So much for the advertised free estimate! I told them that I wasn’t paying the extra $50. The owner is on speaker in my kitchen and in front of these two men he begins to scream and curse at me to the point where I thought he might stroke out. I’m a disabled senior citizen! I was not going to be intimidated. As a former business woman. I’m accustomed to the occasional bully and rip off artist! They left with only $100!!! Good plumbers but one of the worst experiences ever! Total scammer, rip off artist and extraordinary disrespectful and unprofessional! DO NOT use this Plummer unless you have money to burn and enjoy being treated poorly

    Melissa Lascalea
    October 22, 2023

    We have been using Dan for plumbing for years for several different projects. Does a great job. Honest and reliable. Highly recommend.

    John Mancuso
    May 04, 2019

    I’m very upset with this company and would like to express my experience so other don’t go through what I did . I hired this company to fix a Cartridge in my Shower. When the employee from this company showed up he right away explained to me that he was not comfortable doing this job because he never did it before.. He explained to me that they gave him a tool and never explained to him how to use it. So I had to show him how to use the tool and how to do the job . The reason why I didn’t do it myself at first is because I live in a coop with very old pipes and I didn’t want to cause a flood to my neighbors if I did something wrong . Halfway through the job of me explaining step by step to him I told him just figure what I owe him and I will complete the rest of the job I started. He then called his company and asked how much to charge me they $135.00 and what was weird was he was only there 20 min and the owner the day before said the first half hour $90.00 . I did speak to the company that day and the company admits that there employee didn’t know how to use the tool . I’m asking for my hour worth labor back that they ripped me off of .. This is another company to be aware of .. I will be posing this all over social media to stop people getting taking advantage of ..

    Allison G
    May 09, 2018

    As a professional my company expects me to represent them in the best light when in public on duty. I think most companies would expect the same from their employees. Today I ran into the rudest employee of L & J. He was letting a car make an illegal turn where there was no light during traffic. Because no one else would let the car through the 2 lanes of traffic because traffic from the opposite way would not have allowed the car the safely and quickly make the u turn the employee got stuck in his lane. He began screaming like a lunatic that we should all go die and cursing. When we got to the light I told him him to calm down and he screamed at me and spit on my car. To the bald eye glassed middle aged employee, you are so very classy. As a homeowner in the area I will be sure to stay clear of your business if I need plumbing and heating services.

    L & J Plumbing & Heating Co

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    274 S 1st St, Lindenhurst, NY 11757, USA

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