Honoring Our Hometown Heroes: Kiwanis Club of Lindenhurst’s Banner Program – An Interview with Ralph A. Somma

17 March 2021

The Kiwanis Club of Lindenhurst, a long-standing volunteer organization, has been making a positive impact in the community for over seven decades. Known for its dedication to improving the world one community and one child at a time, the club has been actively involved in various programs, including scholarships for high school students and Camp Kiwanis, which provides children with a week-long adventure in upstate New York.

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The Hometown Heroes Banner Program


In a recent interview with Ryan of I Love Babylon, Ralph A. Somma, a representative from the Kiwanis Club of Lindenhurst, shared details about the club’s newest initiative—the Hometown Heroes Banner Program. This program offers community members the opportunity to honor veterans and active-duty service members by displaying banners with their pictures, names, branches of service, and years of service.


The idea for the Hometown Heroes Banner Program was sparked during a visit to Niagara Falls, where Ralph and his son Daniel attended the New York District Annual Convention. While there, Ralph learned about a similar program and was intrigued by the concept. The idea was further solidified when he saw the banners in action in Ticonderoga, New York. Inspired by the impact of the program, Ralph brought the idea back to the Kiwanis Club of Lindenhurst, where it was met with enthusiasm.


The banners, which measure 18 by 36 inches, are made of heavy-duty vinyl and are double-sided. They are displayed on lampposts throughout the community from Memorial Day to Veterans Day. The cost of each banner is $200, and a portion of the proceeds is donated to selected veterans organizations. This year, the club has chosen three organizations to support: General Needs, which assists homeless veterans; Warrior Ranch Foundation, which pairs veterans with horses for rehabilitation; and the American Legion.

Expansion of the Program

The Hometown Heroes Banner Program was launched in Lindenhurst Village and quickly gained traction. The program’s success led to its expansion to the Town of Babylon, where it received support from Supervisor Rich Schaefer, Beautification Director Vasel Moore, and other community organizations. The program’s expansion means that more communities, including North Amityville, Copiague, Lindenhurst, North Babylon, West Babylon, Deer Park, Wyandanch, and Wheatley Heights, can participate in honoring their local heroes.

Response to the Program

The response to the program has been overwhelmingly positive. Families of veterans and service members have expressed their gratitude for the recognition and honor bestowed upon their loved ones. The sight of the banners lining the streets of Lindenhurst Village and other communities has been awe-inspiring and has brought a sense of pride and unity to the area.

How to Participate

For those interested in participating in the Hometown Heroes Banner Program, the process is simple. Individuals can visit the website LindenhurstKiwanis.org/hometownheroes to access the order form. There, they can provide their contact information, select the location where they want the banner displayed, choose which veterans organization they wish to support, and make a payment. Once the banner goes into production, the purchaser will receive an email with a proof for approval. The banner will then be produced and displayed.


In addition to purchasing banners, community members and organizations can also sponsor hometown heroes. This option allows individuals and groups to contribute funds to cover the cost of banners for veterans who may not otherwise be able to participate in the program. Donations of any amount are appreciated and can be made through the website.

The Legacy of the Hometown Heroes Banner Program

The Hometown Heroes Banner Program is a testament to the Kiwanis Club of Lindenhurst’s commitment to making a difference in the community. By honoring the brave men and women who have served our country, the program fosters a sense of gratitude, respect, and unity. It serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by our service members and veterans, and it provides an opportunity for the community to come together in celebration and appreciation of their dedication.

The Kiwanis Club’s Values

The Kiwanis Club of Lindenhurst has been a pillar of the community since its establishment in 1950. Its programs, including the Hometown Heroes Banner Program, reflect the club’s values of service, compassion, and community engagement. The club’s efforts have made a lasting impact, and its members continue to work tirelessly to improve the lives of children and families in Lindenhurst and beyond.

More Than Just Banners

The Hometown Heroes Banner Program is more than just a display of banners; it is a celebration of the individuals who have selflessly served our nation. It is a tribute to their courage, commitment, and resilience. Through this program, the Kiwanis Club of Lindenhurst is not only honoring our hometown heroes but also inspiring future generations to carry on the legacy of service and dedication.

The Future of the Program

As the program continues to grow and expand, the Kiwanis Club of Lindenhurst looks forward to reaching more communities and honoring more heroes. The club is grateful for the support it has received from the community, local officials, and partner organizations. Together, they are making a difference and creating a brighter future for all.

We invite you to watch the full video interview with Ralph A. Somma and Ryan of I Love Babylon to learn more about the Kiwanis Club of Lindenhurst and the Hometown Heroes Banner Program. Hear firsthand about the impact of the program, the stories behind its inception, and the plans for its future. Join us in celebrating our hometown heroes and supporting the incredible work of the Kiwanis Club of Lindenhurst.

Watch the full video here: YouTube.com/watch?v=YBcStjFEt68&t

For more information about the Hometown Heroes Banner Program or to order a banner, please visit lindenhurstkiwanis.org/hometownheroes. Whether you choose to honor a loved one, sponsor a hero, or simply spread the word about the program, your support is greatly appreciated. Together, we can honor the legacy of our heroes and create a lasting impact in our community.

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