About I Love Babylon

About I Love Babylon


My journey with I Love Babylon began in 2009, following a move to North Babylon from Woodhaven in Queens. This transition coincided with a significant moment in my life – my wife was pregnant with our second child, and we were starting a new chapter in a new town. My career background includes 20 years in Accounting for Law Firms, a stint running a DJ company in the 90s, and launching a Digital Marketing company after settling in North Babylon.

The creation of I Love Babylon was born out of a personal need to discover local events and places – from family-friendly spots and restaurants for date nights to destinations for entertaining visiting friends. As I delved deeper into what the Town of Babylon had to offer, my affection for the area grew genuinely. Combining this newfound love with my expertise in digital marketing, I sought to introduce my marketing business and promote the local Chamber of Commerce.

In my exploration, I discovered the town’s beautiful beaches, parks, and the abundance of local events. I also met friendly local business owners and encountered great schools and attentive, responsive local leaders. Now, my role has evolved into providing Online Marketing for Local Businesses, aiding them in digital advertising, website development, social media, and email and text message follow-up.

My firsthand exposure to local businesses and entrepreneurship has led me to believe that these individuals are at the forefront of innovation. They possess the necessity-driven creativity and flexibility to pivot, which not only sets them apart from competitors but also enriches the community. These local businesses hire from within the community, support local causes, and bolster the local economy.

The 2020 pandemic posed significant challenges. With local events canceled and businesses closing due to the lack of customers, I Love Babylon had to adapt. We not only revamped our website but also refocused our mission to continue serving the community effectively.

I Love Babylon Now


  • Events Calendar & Newsletter: Showcasing local events in Babylon and its municipalities, with over 7,000 email subscribers receiving two weekly emails about upcoming events.
  • Positive Local News Feed via Social Media: Stay updated with our vibrant community through our social media channels, followed by over 10,000 people.
  • Local Business Directory: A comprehensive directory started during the pandemic to promote local, independent businesses.
  • Digital Marketing Services: We offer extensive services, including website building, Local SEO, social media content, email marketing, and AI-powered Marketing and Sales Automation for local businesses and professionals.

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