Join the Fight Against Breast Cancer: ‘For the Love of Mom Walk’ at the Vision of Hope Garden with the BBCC

27 April 2022

A Special Invitation from Ryan O’Neil Williams

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A Special Invitation from Ryan O’Neil Williams

Good morning, friends and neighbors of Babylon! It’s Ryan O’Neil Williams from ILoveBabylon, and I have some exciting news to share with you. As you may know, breast cancer is a disease that affects many lives, and we have a high incidence of it here on Long Island. That’s why I’m thrilled to invite you to join us for a special event that aims to raise awareness and support for those affected by breast cancer. The event is called the “For the Love of Mom Walk,” and it will take place at the Vision of Hope Garden in Lindenhurst. In this article, I’ll tell you all about the event, the garden, and how you can get involved. And if you’d like to watch the full video of my invitation, you can find it at

For the Love of Mom Walk: Supporting the Fight Against Breast Cancer

The “For the Love of Mom Walk” is an annual event hosted by the Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition (BBCC). This year, the walk will take place on May 7th, 2022, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Vision of Hope Garden in Lindenhurst. The event is dedicated to supporting the fight against breast cancer and raising funds for the BBCC’s “Lend a Helping Hand” program. This wonderful program assists women and their families who are in active treatment for breast or gynecological cancers.

The walk is open to everyone, and participants can enjoy a variety of activities, including entertainment, raffles, a plant sale, shopping, and delicious food. If you’d like to register for the walk, please call 631-893-4110. There is a small registration fee of $15 for individuals or $25 for teams, and all proceeds go directly to the BBCC to support their important work.

The Vision of Hope Garden: A Symbol of Strength and Resilience

The Vision of Hope Garden is a beautiful and serene space located right here at Town Hall in Lindenhurst, off Sunrise Highway 27. Established in 1995 and adopted by the BBCC in 2001, the garden is a symbol of hope and resilience for those affected by breast cancer.

One of the most striking features of the garden is its ribbon-shaped walkway, which is lined with pink tulips and memorial bricks. The ribbon is a powerful symbol of the breast cancer awareness movement, and the garden’s design reflects this in a meaningful way. Additionally, the trees surrounding the garden blossom in pink every year, adding to the beauty and symbolism of the space.

As you walk through the garden, you’ll find a peaceful place to sit, reflect, and find comfort. Whether you come for a meditative moment or to enjoy a walk with loved ones, the Vision of Hope Garden is a special place that offers solace and inspiration.

Gratitude and Dedication: A Personal Connection to the Cause

As some of you may know, my own mother passed away from breast cancer. During her treatment and even after her passing, the BBCC showed us so much support, and I am eternally grateful for their kindness and dedication. That’s why I’m especially passionate about promoting the “For the Love of Mom Walk” and encouraging our community to come together for this important cause.

The BBCC’s efforts go beyond hosting events like the walk. They provide invaluable support to individuals and families affected by breast cancer and gynecological cancers. By participating in the walk, you’ll not only be enjoying a calming, healthy walk in the beautiful Vision of Hope Garden, but you’ll also be supporting a very worthy cause. The funds raised from the walk will help the BBCC continue their mission of providing assistance and resources to those in need.

I cannot thank the BBCC enough for the positive impact they’ve had on my family and countless others in our community. Their dedication to helping others is truly inspiring, and I’m honored to be a part of their efforts.

Join Us for the For the Love of Mom Walk

In closing, I want to extend a warm invitation to all of you to join us for the “For the Love of Mom Walk” on May 7th. Whether you’ve been personally affected by breast cancer or you simply want to show your support for the cause, your participation will make a difference.

The Vision of Hope Garden is a place of tranquility and reflection, and I’m excited to share it with you. As you walk along the ribbon-shaped path and take in the beauty of the pink blossoms, I hope you’ll feel a sense of hope and solidarity with those who are fighting breast cancer.

You’ve probably driven by the Vision of Hope Garden several times without even realizing it, but now you have the opportunity to experience it firsthand and contribute to a meaningful cause. I encourage you to register for the walk, bring your friends and family, and join us in making a positive impact.

So mark your calendars for May 7th, and let’s come together to celebrate hope, resilience, and the power of community. I look forward to seeing you there, and I’m grateful for your support.

If you’d like to learn more and see the garden for yourself, please watch the full video.

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