I Love Babylon 2023 Summer Events Preview

13 June 2023

I Love Babylon 2023 Summer Events Preview

Unforgettable Experiences Await!

Hello, Babylon! I’m Ryan O’Neil Williams, your Local Guide at ILoveBabylon.com, and I am absolutely thrilled to bring you a preview of all the exciting happenings in our vibrant community this summer!

I’ve brought our Events Calendar back to life, and it’s full of the vibrant happenings in our town this summer! So here’s how this “One Email to Rule Them All” works: Each Category in this email is linked directly to its corresponding page on our website. These dynamic links, or “permalinks”, will refresh as we add more events throughout the summer, providing you with an ever-evolving snapshot of our community’s festivities.

This Email has an accompanying post, which will evolve online as it will be live on the site at ILoveBabylon.com/summer2023. With the addition of Business and Place Listings to show you where all the good stuff in the Town of Babylon is, we’re looking forward to AMAZING experiences across the Town of Babylon.

Some Quick Categories…

  1. Family Events
  2. Farmer’s Markets
  3. Fairs and Festivals
  4. Concerts and Music Events
  5. Sports and Gaming Events
  6. Theater
  7. Fundraising Events
  8. Free Events from the Town of Babylon

Family Events

Family events are the reason why I started I Love Babylon. I wanted to find Events that I could enjoy with my Family right here in Town. Looking for some quality family time? Our Family Events can keep you and the kids out of the house ALLLLLL Summer. Plus: I’ll be showing you all the great Places to go – so stay tuned!

Farmer’s Markets

You know how we love locally-sourced, fresh produce around here! The Farmer’s Markets are your go-to destination. The smell of fresh fruits, vegetables, and baked goods are already in the air – between the American Venice Open Air Market, the Babylon Village Farmer’s Market we already have 2 opportunities to get that local fresh-fresh! And as the Summer goes on and the other Farmer’s Markets come online we’ll add those as well.

Fairs and Festivals

Craving some cultural fun? Our Fairs and Festivals provide a wonderful exploration of art, culture, and community spirit. From the Lindenhurst 100 Year Celebrations, to the Babylon Block Parties there are going to be so many ways to get out and enjoy the weather, food and all attractions across Town.

Concerts and Music Events

Music lovers, you’re in for a treat! The Concerts and Music Events will showcase local talents and renowned musicians in perfect harmony. You already know we have a vibrant music tradition here on Long Island, so go out and enjoy the abundance of concerts at many venues. However, when Summer comes around it’s the Town of Babylon Summer Concert Series that most people look forward to!

Sports and Gaming Events

Eager to channel your competitive spirit? The Sports and Gaming Events are bound to get your adrenaline pumping! There’s Fishing, D&D, Wrestling and so much more. Don’t forget to seek out your own experiences with the latest additions to the Babylon Sporting Community: Bocce Ball and Pickleball.


Theater enthusiasts, prepare to be mesmerized! Spectacular performances await at our local Theaters, including the Argyle Theater, the South Shore Theater Experience and Studio Theater Long Island. As those roll in, we’ll announce more, but mark your calendars for the Babylon Town-sponsored “Shakespeare in the Park” production of The Merry Wives of Windsor.

Fundraising Events

Feel like making a difference? Lend a hand at our local Fundraising Events. Whether you’re contributing or participating, every bit helps support our community’s causes. The Babylon Breast Cancer Coalition is having an event this weekend that is both supporting a great cause AND great exercise.

Free Community Events from the Town of Babylon

And let’s not forget about the Free Events from the Town of Babylon, including the Concert Series, Movies and the much-anticipated Beach Blast 2023! Looking for all the Town Events? Check out their website here to download a PDF of the Town of Babylon Recreation Guide.

So folks, mark your calendars and gear up for an amazing summer full of unforgettable experiences right here in the Town of Babylon. Remember to check ILoveBabylon.com regularly for updates and new events. Stay local, have fun, and I’ll see YOU, around Town!

Best Regards,
Ryan O’Neil Williams
Your Local Guide at ILoveBabylon.com

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